Spare Parts


For assuring smooth plant operation, HPT provides fast, accurate and reliable supply of parts required for the maintenance and operation of the following various plants throughout the world.

In addition, technological experts, who have accumulated years of experience and possess the latest know-how and techniques, are active in providing consultation and other services covering the general maintenance, inspection, diagnosis, and repair of a wide variety of equipment.

1. Plants for Spare Parts Supply and Services

Fertilizer plant
Petrochemical plant
Oil and Gas plant
Oil Refinery plant
Pulp and Paper plant
Sugar plant
Desalination plant
Power Generation plant
Cement plant
Chemical plant
Iron & Steel casting plant
Other plants and facilities

2. Lines of Activities

  • Supply of spare parts for plants, machineries and equipment
  • Supply of new equipment and machinery
  • Follow-up care and dispatch of engineers


3. Major Handling Machineries and Equepment

4. Major dealing Manufacturer