Major Handling Machineries and Equipment

 1. Equipment & Machineries
Heating Furnace/Superheater Centrifugal Pump Hoist/Crane
Refractory/Firebrick Diaphragm Pump Conveyor
Hot Air Furnace Gear Pump Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger
Burner Plunger Pump Plate Type Heat Exchanger
Tower Packing/Internal Tray Vacuum Pump Reactor (Tower/Vessel)
Air/Gas Compressor Canned Pump Mixing Tank / Agitator
Turbine Hydraulic Pump Air Heater
Filter/Strainer Continuous Feeder Blower/Fan
Sludge Pump Ejector Dust Collector
Refrigerator Chemical Injector  
Gear Reducer Submergible Pump  
2.Utility Facilities
Water Treatment System Waste Water Treatment System Fire Fighting System Nitrogen Generator
Cooling Tower Unit Instruments Air Supply System Steam Generator  

3. Electrical Apparatus

Motor Cable Communication System
Capacitor Transformer Generator
Lighting Apparatus Battery Control Panel

4. Instruments Apparatus

Control Panel Pressure Transmitter Thermocouple
Flow Meter PH Meter Level Gauge/Level Switch
Pressure Gauge/Pressure Switch Thermometer Analytical Instruments

5. Piping Materials

Pipes Check Valve Expansion Joint Bolt and Nut
Flange Control Valve PVC/FRP Piping Sight Glass
Gate Valve Solenoid Valve Fittings Hoses
Safety Valve Diaphragm Valve Rubber Lined Piping Gasket
Butterfly Valve PVC/FRP Valve Flame Arrester Rupture Disc
Ball Valve Strainer Spray Nozzle  
Globe Valve Steam/Drain Trap Silencer  


6. Other goods/materials for any plant use